Friday, June 16, 2006

6/16 ~ Friends and Family

Still trying to get me some mojo back. Thankfully, my friends came up big this week. We have loads of excellent contributions from Peter and one tasty nugget from Eddie the GAT.

Peter blesses us with:

"It's all fun and games
'til someone loses an eye."
What if they lose both?

Jerry had a dream
that he ate a suckling pig.
The dog is missing.

Laughing, dancing clowns.
Sledgehammer executions.
A fine line between.

Safari Park trip,
car windows open, nice breeze.
Hungry monkeys wait.

Sunshine, no more pain.
Birds, blue sky, a warm embrace.
And then you wake up.

Van-driving stranger
looking for a lost puppy.
Helpful kid gets in...

A drill bit will bind
if forced too quickly into
kneecap of Girl Scout

The trouble began
with the porno and the rope.
Dead, with dick in hand.

She sings me to sleep,
not so much with lullabies,
but desperate screams

Bad way to find out
hamsters don't taste like chicken.
Mom, are you okay?

Wild spastic movements
behind the wheel at high speed...

And Eddie, despite the protests from his lovely wife Heidi, tells us this tale of a Neverland BBQ gone wrong:

Captain Hook in angst.
Corn on the cob, but no floss.
Nerve dangles from gum.

Riffing off of Ed, I contrive something really vile (and not particularly imaginative)

Peter drinks too much.
Salacious leering at Tink.
Pan fucks fairy dead.


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