Friday, March 10, 2006

3/10/06 - Friends and Family 2

Amanda Kleinberg ponders...

dirty pigeons soar.
She sips her diet soda.
What's a pandemic?

Yasmin Tasan celebrates her 23rd birthday tonight and brings us...

Birthday balloons wave.
Bozo's teeth are stained with blood.
Where's the birthday girl?


Walking down the street
She sees something red and bright
King rat took his chance.


Lovely afternoon
Frisbees fly high in the park
Aliens take aim.

Christa Imbriale anticipates...

A late night at work
Parked cars stretch out in long rows
He's crouched by the Ford.

Margaret Mary Kilcourse explains...

Jane's blindfold tied tight;
Tommy and the boys grab knives.
Party games are fun.

I imagine...

Tears of joy stream down.
Finally she’s a woman.
The wolves smell her blood.


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