Friday, March 03, 2006

3/3/06 - Friends and Family

The first week of terror is near complete.

Each Friday I'll post submissions from friends and family, as well as one or more of my own haikus.

While still under the general (blood-covered) umbrella of horror, there's a little more leeway with Friday's work with respect to tonality.

And without further delay

Haiku Horror Presents

Friends and Family

J.W. Hastings observes...

A gleam in her eyes,
The straps bit deeper: he hoped
It was just a game.

Joseph Mader remarks...

Tender infant crawls
towards gleaming plugged-in nail gun.
Baby go bye-bye.

Andrew Cambria reports...

Corpses suspended
in water most putrescent
as he waits to eat.

Mary Phillips-Sandy declares...

Path through the deep woods
look, there's an empty cabin.
Let's open the door.


Up the attic stairs
the old portraits all in dust.
Eyes are watching you.


Lake-bottom dweller
he silent serpentine beast
It is time to feed.

RX Bizness speaks from the 'hood...

Tough night on the street.
Just made my first kill, nigga.
Fuck, I want nachos.

Nick Braccia, the proprietor of horror haiku, brings you...

Gummy, delicious,
green, chewy strips of slug meat.
Please sir, hold the salt.

An English boy asks,
“What’s in my granny’s knickers?”
She’s asleep. He peeks…

Enjoy your weekend.


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