Friday, April 21, 2006

4/21/06 Friends and Family

Brendan L. contributes this actually made me feel sick. An accomplishment.

The boy's corpse lies prone.
His eyes gaze up to the stars.
We spoon nude, in bed.

Jesus, Brendan.

On a lighter note, i'd like to add:

My freefall back to Gaia!
Um, chute's not working!

Yasmin Tasan returns with a concept that makes Ford Theater, 1865, seem like a run through the ball pit at Sesame Place.

Opera audience
sits and enjoys the singing
Pavarotti fires.


East River glistens
Shall we go for a quick dip?
Hey what's that floating?


Up in the attic.
She keeps all her old photos.
And her old boyfriends.


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